Oakbrook Pediatrics now offers Immigration Medical Exams. It includes completing Form I-693 and the necessary labs needed for the exam. You can book an appointment with us online, and we provide same-day or next-day appointments! Applicants for permanent residence must undergo the Immigration Medical Exam to ensure that they do not pose a health risk to U.S. citizens. Applicants for citizenship, permanent residency, or a Green Card could be required to obtain an immigration physical to get their applications approved. The Civil Surgeons at Oakbrook IL Pediatricians are authorized to carry out medical examinations and administer immunizations needed for the exam.

A medical examination is required to apply for an adjustment of status. A physical exam determines whether any health conditions may need further treatment.


To Prepare For Your Appointment, Please Bring The Following Items:

  • Records of Tuberculosis test results or Tuberculosis treatment, if previously diagnosed or treated for the disease
  • Passports, U.S. Driver’s Licenses, or State ID cards are acceptable government-issued I.D.s
  • Record of vaccinations.


Compliance with USCIS Immunization Requirements 



We will review and document each applicant’s vaccination records on I-693 form and are able to provide any vaccines needed for the applicant. (Please note: charges for vaccines may apply)

An individual’s Exam is determined based on:

  • Medical history and vaccination history
  • Laboratory tests to assess immunity
  • An office test called a titer can is done to determine whether you are immune to certain illnesses and vaccinations that may have been administered previously, such as Chickenpox, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Hepatitis A and B.



The bacterial pathogen that causes tuberculosis is Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The infection of the lungs most often leads to tuberculosis, but it can occasionally spread to other parts of the body. An immigration medical examination is therefore required for applicants two years and older.

A chest x-ray may be needed in case test results show positive TB.

QuantiFERON is a method of testing for tuberculosis. Traditionally, a tuberculosis skin test (TST) was the most commonly used test for tuberculosis. Currently, immigration does not allow the use of TSTs.


Tests of Blood And Urine Are Required

The other two required tests are Syphilis and Gonorrhea for applicants 15 and older on the I-693 form. In addition to being contagious, Syphilis and Gonorrhea are also still common infections worldwide. Applicants must be negative and non-reactive to these tests to qualify for a clean bill of health. Oakbrook Pediatrics has the capability of treating Syphilis if necessary.

A simple urine test can also be performed to determine if you have Gonorrhea. If the results are positive (abnormal), the applicant should be treated. Specific antibiotics are required to treat Gonorrhea and Syphilis, and they should be appropriately administered.


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